Package Info & Options 

Option 1.Premium quality Log Shell Package                                                 



  • Developing & detailing 3-D Log home model and

       2-D review drawings

  • Structural review of timber frame drawings

  • Step by Step assembly instruction

  • Adjustable Post Base Connectors

  • Custom metal connectors if required

    Log wall system:

  • No. 1 and BTR White Spruce, interlocking profiled timber Logs-pre cut, kiln-dried, engineered.

          Our Standard Exterior Logs are 8"x 8" thick (we also offer logs that are 5"x8", 8"x10", 10"x10" thick) 

          Our Standard Interior logs are 5"x8' thick (can be also changed to any other size mentioned above)

  • Sanitized and kiln temperatures, pre-cut corner joinery system, pre-cut spline notches, pre-cut window and door openings (*minor trimming and odd-shaped openings may need to be cut on-site), 

  • An intertwined seal for corner joints of the timber – RIVE-Line, Finland

  • White Spruce GLT structural posts –  8″ х 8”

  • Casing board for installation of window and door blocks 1,6″ x 7,9″

  • Fasteners (a set of fastenings for entire structure)

    Subfloor elements

  • All floor joist are – planed engineered wood (also optional: timber floor rafters or I-joists)

  • Framing lumber for exterior decks made of engineered wood or standard treated lumber (if they are in a project)

  • Joists&posts Hangers

   Roof elements   

  • Construction of rafter system (rafters) – planed engineered wood (also optional: timber roof rafters or  I-joists)

  • 1x6 White Spruce ceiling finishing board 

  • Fasteners (a set of fasteners for roof elements)

   Frame elements   

  • Elements of external frames (calibrated racks, if applicable by project)

  • Elements of internal frames (calibrated racks)

  • White Spruce Immitation beam for cladding of external log walls – engineered wood (if applicable by project), Laminated log (H) х 1,65″

  • White Spruce Immitation beam for cladding of internal log walls – Glulam (if applicable by project), Laminated log (H) х 1,65″

  • Exterior finishing materials   

  • Exterior finish soffit made of white Spruce – planed Glulam board 0,8″ x 4,7″

  • White Spruce exterior finish fascia – planed Glulam board 0,8″ x 4,7″ for entire roof perimeter.​

  • Window, Door and Baseboard finishing board

** Log Shell Package is material only - this includes the Log Shell Package plus contents as above.**

**Shipping is not included and will be based on location.**

Option 2. Package-kit assembled   




  • Custom Log Shell - as listed above

  • Metal or Shingle Roofing

  • Applied Sansin stain on Exterio walls (optinal colors) 

  • Complet labour of assembly of the Shell,

          Pre-drilled Electrical holes, Roofing, Exterio stain

**The price for the assembly of a Package is roughly $35-40 per sqft* depending of the design of the home" 




Option 3. Turnkey finished Log Home/Log Cabin                                             




  • The Full Turnkey finished option covers everything above and:

  • Windows and Doors​​

  • fitted kitchen cabinets

  • finshed Bathroom (shower/tub, vanity, toilet) 

  • services: electricity, plumbing and heating within the home's footprint.

  • Insulated roof R37 or R50 (custom available, if required)

  • Insulated flooring R28 (only homes that are build without basemnet)

  • light fixtures

  • Laminated flooring (Customer can also choose different floor type options) 

  • Soffit and fascia 

  • all exterio and interio finishing 

++The roughly price for a Turnkey finished log home is $200-240 per sq ft.++

**This turn key estimate does not include excessive site and service costs ie: blasting, retainage, well, septic, gas, electric, tap fees) these items must be calculated on a project specific basis and would be additional to the total turn key costs, This price will vary with the materials you choose to finish your home.**

Specific materials requirements may vary according to your desires, the home design, and your building location. Standard pricing may not include certain materials and extras shown in plans or photos but not listed above. Such items must be added.


Please contact us to discuss what further services we may be able to offer you.



Options offered separately at additional cost.


  1. Decking & Railing

  2. Fireplace or Wood stove 

  3. Granit kitchen countertop

  4. Kitchen Appliances 

  5. Exterio pot lights

  6. Indoor&outdoor sound system 

  7. Radiant infloor heating system

  8. Steam room or dry Sauna room 

  9. Timber roof & floor rafters 


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