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Welcome to our web site! Here you will find all the information about Canadian log cabin kits, design and construction of log houses.


We would like you to know that houses built from natural wood have a very positive impact on the entire human body. Wood, as any other natural material, helps to keep clean atmosphere inside the house and has a positive impact on the well-being and health of all the family members. No matter what size your cabin is going to be or for what purpose, log cabins will never lose their sense of allure, they remain an appealing place to relax and enjoy.


Our company "Froese-cabins" designs and builds portable cabins as well we build them on clients site for over 10 years and we are passionate about what we do!


We are specialized in building Log Cabins, Log houses, Resorts, Cafes and Saunas as well we sale 

Log Kit- Packages anywhere in Canada. Our experience and knowledge allows us to create well-designed, comfortable and eco-friendly houses for affordable price!


The company “Froese-cabins” is based in Alberta, Canada and we would be glad to consult you about any kind of wooden construction.

The company “Froese-cabins” provides high quality log houses  and does installation works in the shortest time. We provide individual approach to each client and we will help you to build a log house based on all modern concepts and principles.





Natural organic tree is the best building material, having properties useful for human health, with the natural scent of wood.


We build log cabins for sale with an original and individual design, constructed from environmentally friendly wooden logs. Such family cabins are very comfortable to live in all year long: it keeps warmth in winter period and keeps cool air during the summer period.


Together with our company, you can create your own design of the house and to be sure that your eco-friendly cabin contains absolutely everything you will need to ensure a lifetime of fun memories and joy.



Health resorts of wood or wooden hotel built in nature are the most attractive places for the tourists coming from the big cities to spend time with their family and friends.


Our company is specializing in building hotels and log houses from natural wood. Our specialists also have enough professional knowledge and experience for the construction of cafes and restaurants made of logs at the highest level.


We are proud to say that each project made by us, embodies the human notions of unity with the nature and fills life with warmth and comfort.



The company “Froese-cabins” has been creating and delivering unique sauna and spa enclosures for over 20 years. Our qualified craftsman in Canada builds wooden sauna and garden log cabins which contain all modern requirements and standards, as well as construction technology. 


You can choose a typical project of a log sauna house or make the individual one, select the layout of a house or bath, materials and colours to your taste, and we will produce a log sauna cabin following your individual requirements.


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